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Most important:

Santa Rosa polygraph test with an expert

If you need a
Santa Rosa
polygraph test for
a matter that could change your life,
make SURE that the examiner has at
LEAST 5 years of
full-time polygraph experience.
Nothing else matters.

Higher price:
makes no difference.
Membership in
this or that
makes no difference.
Classes attended:
makes no difference.
What they did
at their last job
makes no difference.

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Only EXPERIENCE matters, and we
have been testing for more than 30 years.

Sonoma County lie detector expert

For a Santa Rosa
polygraph, call
818 883-6969

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During a Santa Rosa
lie detector exam,
the examinee must
not shake his/her
head in any way

best polygraph examiner in Sonoma County

If you suspect
cheating in a
relationship in
Santa Rosa,
testing will show
if you are correct

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